Bright Ideas To Elevate Your Homes Interior Aura.

Interior lighting choices becomes less about illumination and more about creating the perfect ambiance in your home. Many homeowners are embracing “bigger is better” aiming for instant attention. A spectacular show-stopping lighting fixture over a dining room table can serve as the focal point of the room. Every space in the home can benefit from a light fixture update. Even the seemingly insignificant hall light upgrade can initiate a compelling ambiance for homeowners. Fixture design keeps changing as do tastes and preferences with generations. When you think about lighting designs, whether modern, contemporary or traditional, choose the features and finishes guided by your personal style and preferences.

Top 4 interior lighting trends to try for 2019

Soft Gold Finish reins in 2019 for homeowners captivated by interior colors such as grey and griege (grey plus beige). Somewhere between brushed nickel and polished gold is a matte finished warm and mellow golden hue, a color that easily blends with almost any kind of decor from modern urban to farmhouse.

Refined Retro and Industrial lighting. Totally on trend are lighting fixtures made especially for vintage Edison bulbs. Named after the Earth’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik-like fixtures are perfect for any room in the home. Ranging from delicate structures with many tiny lights to larger more robust formations that add an instant touch of cosmic style. The Geometric cage lighting trend is incredibly eye-catching often seen in black industrial iron finish as well as warm metallics such as copper, soft gold and brass, flirty style for over the kitchen island. Mid century modern is still raging and highly collectible, from trendy teak furniture to elegantly shaped pendant lighting fixtures. These fixtures will feel right at home above your kitchen island or dinette. For a bolder look, collect several shapes and sizes of the same fixture to hang at various heights for a “Wow factor.

Earth Friendly LED If you want a fixture that will last longer and consume less power get the LED variation. The latest advancements in lighting technology are transforming the lighting industry. Designers of lamps, chandeliers and sconces are experimenting with LED-powered solutions for commercial and residential use. Lighting product offerings today can replicate the warm gentle wavering glow of candlelight or simulate a radiant afternoon sun, pleasant benefits that improve your indoor vibes.

A Penchant for Pendants A popular choice among homeowners since options for style, shape and finish are more common in the marketplace at a price that is less expensive than chandeliers.Trends for 2019 feature sculptural glass inspired from nature in metalized gold, chrome-black and copper to robotic woven fibre UFO shaped discs. The most common concerns when hanging pendant fixtures is determining the proper height. Deciding where and how a pendant will be used is key to how high it should be hung. Here are a few general recommendations for hanging pendant fixtures. For task lighting such as over a kitchen counter the fixture should hang just above eye level to avoid glare or about 30” to 40” above the counter. In a dining area suspend the light at least 30” above a table. For an entryway, 7 feet above the floor is ideal, however, for taller folks consider adjusting to at least 15” above the head height to the bottom of the pendant fixture. Designers and homeowners have discovered creative ways to hang pendants fixtures. Multiples of identical or themed designs suspended in a cluster makes for a stunning focal point.