Expand your home storage solutions to gain the extra space you didn’t know you had.

The marketplace has a huge assortment of affordable stylish home storage solutions designed for your urban lifestyle. Chic bins, storage benches, bookcases and wall shelves help to organize clutter. There is plenty of underutilised spaces in a home.¬†Less square footage doesn’t mean you have to make do with less storage space. Smart solutions will help you gain the space you didn’t know you had no matter the size of your home.

Recessed Shelving

Gain extra space for the small stuff with recessed shelves that fit between existing wall studs! Think about the most unexpected places where recessed shelving could add style as well as storage. A wall at the base of the staircase or high up above a closet door or window can make an attractive display for art and collectables. A recessed shelf or niche is made to fit by using the empty space in almost any wall that is framed with two-by-four studs. The shelves fit between studs at a depth of only 4 inches but you can divide the opening into the number of shelves you need. As long as there are no wires or ducts in the way there is no limit to where you can place recessed shelving.

A catch-all for clutter

Integrate a few large decorative baskets with lids to control clutter. Choose large lightweight baskets, stackable suitcases or wicker chests as decorative items that can be easily moved from room to room as needed. Add visual interest to an unused fireplace with a basket or two. Use the space beneath a chair or accent table to tuck in a wicker chest. Easily stash clutter out of site. Toss in extra pillows, blankets, toys, books and electronics when a quick tidy up is required.

Think outside the box

Full height shelving systems that give you the flexibility to combine open shelves with drawers make great room dividers allowing for clutter to be stored away and decorative ornaments to be out on display. Half wall height backless bookcases also work as room dividers giving you that extra space for storage. Add a little spotlight below each shelf to create an art gallery vibe.

Wall mounted shelves can be the focal point of any space limited only by your imagination. Think outside the box with asymmetrical decor when it comes to adding a touch of abstract appeal to a contemporary or futuristic styled interior. Transform a feature wall with asymmetrical shapes that double-duty as display shelves to show off your favourite stuff. Finish with a multiple color combination for visual interest or to accentuate the room’s color palette. A softer monochromatic paint color combination will help elevate depth and form.



Crown Molding – The Icing On The Cake.

Level up your walls to create an uplifting aesthetic in every room of your home with crown molding. Crown transforms any room in your home to a space filled with elegance and personality. Designed to sit at an angle between the wall & ceiling crown molding caps off your entire interior look, elevating the room’s stature, a benefit that adds value to your home.

Whether your project is a new construction, renovation or a period home restoration there’s a huge variety of crown molding from simple design profiles to incredibly ornate. Stock profiles are most affordable and readily available. For a cohesive and polished look echo existing trim such as baseboards and casings. For more demanding projects custom design options are available.

Before you commit to a design profile it is best to research the type of molding that will work best for your project. Will you need a product that is moisture, warp and split resistant? Do you intend on painting or staining the crown once the product is installed? Decorative crown molding is available in a variety of materials such as wood, plaster, MDF, polyurethane, tin and polystyrene and each material has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s a good idea to consult manufacturer’s recommendations for particular substrate information.

You can combine crown molding with corner blocks that can add a distinctive look to your space while simplifying joinery. Choose your corner blocks based on the width of the molding you are pairing them with.

Designed for LED cove lighting jobs, homeowners can choose crown constructed from high density polystyrene foam that is smooth, light weight and paintable. Easy to install, this moulding profile is specially made to conceal electrical wiring necessary for LED lights.

Crown molding has the ability to provide otherwise ordinary rooms with exceptional style.