Thinking about enhancing the curb appeal of your home? The most commonly offered curb appeal advice from experts and appraisers is to give the exterior of your home a good paint job and a few plantings of seasonal flowers to gussy up the front of your house. Buyers will instantly notice it, and appraisers will value it. Whether you’re interested in selling or just want to make some improvements for your own enjoyment, adding curb appeal will help your home make a better first impression.

Before you run out to purchase a couple of gallons of paint or extra planters we suggest you start by pressure washing the exterior surfaces of your home.

Pressure Washing Scores High Marks For Upping Curb Appeal

Pressure washing can provide and extremely cost-efficient way to increase your home’s curb appeal. Wash away years of grunge to get a better perspective on next steps. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results. Pressure washing will bring up the color of natural stone, brighten siding, revitalize wood decks, remove build up from outdoor furniture, clean masonry and brick. Pressure washing can sluff off mildew, whisk away weeds between paver stones and wash away the dirt off every surface. Aside from aesthetics, cleaning exterior surfaces helps prolong the life of your home and adds value. Experts say pressure washing can add 5 to 10 percent to the value of a house.

It’s always best to hire a professional to do the work for you. If you’re not properly trained on how to use a pressure washer you could end up damaging the surface you’re working on.

Once your home has a clean fresh face walk around the outside of your house noting anything that requires a quick fix such as cracking, blistering, flaking, or peeling paint and repair it.

Maximize your homes potential. Rethink surface areas that may benefit from an infusion of color. A fresh coat of paint will give your home an updated polished look. Painting a house is a big job that will require some prep work, but the final results will score big as far as immediate visual impact.

1. Give Your Front Door a Dose of Fresh Color

The front door is significant when it comes to curb appeal. There’s nothing more welcoming than a cheery front door. If replacing your exterior door is not in your budget painting it is the next best thing. The right color can make a design statement that is powerful and welcoming.

2. Update Door Hardware

Door hardware can really impact the overall look of your home. Entryset hardware is surprisingly easy to install if painting is not your best option. Upgrading out-dated entry door hardware will add elegance and value to your home.

3. Renew Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Weather worn, rusty outdoor lighting fixtures can look like new with a can of spray paint. You’ll want to remove the fixture to paint it, tape off areas of glass to avoid overspray. Once dry, clean glass surfaces inside and out and replace with fresh bulbs to add sparkle.

4. Paint the Pickets

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to bring back the charm of a picket fence in need of a little TLC.

5. Trim – tastic

Trims, windows, railings and porch supports will all benefit from a fresh coat of paint.

6. Porch Perfection

Front porch maintenance is essential to the longevity of a homes structure. Whether wood or concrete you can paint or stain your front porch to enhance the beauty of your home. Always complete any necessary repairs prior to painting or staining.

7. Garage Door

Don’t let weathered, peeling garage doors impact curb appeal. Paint the door(s) and consider replacing worn weatherstripping.

8. Mailbox

Rust protecting spray paint is an easy and durable way to freshen up your mailbox. Don’t overlook the small things, every detail counts when it comes to maximizing your home’s potential.

9. House Numbers

Add a touch of class to worn, rusty house numbers with a bit of metallic spray paint. Be sure to use an exterior rust preventative spray paint for superior coverage and durability. Pick a color that maximizes contrast and legibility.

10. Flower Planters

Match your outdoor color scheme with colorful planters. Spray paint is an easy and cost effective way to get the look for less.

11. Painting Brick

Painting your homes brick exterior takes careful planning and preparation for paint adhesion. Brick as a building material was chosen because of its durable and built-in color and was never intended to be painted. If you do decide to paint your brick research specific masonry paint products to ensure long-term, maintenance-free painted brick. “According to the Brick Industry Association, if you paint your exterior brick, you should be repainting it every three to five years.”

12. Siding

Refresh your siding with a color that stands out, it can be a showstopper for curb appeal. Replace or repair broken siding first then power wash to remove dirt and grime. Give it 24 hours to dry before you paint.

13. Revive Outdoor Furniture

An easy way to boost the appeal of your home is to give new life to faded outdoor furniture with a fresh coat of paint.

14. Rethink Accessories

There’s a paint for just about any surface and material – you can paint candlesticks, lanterns, window boxes or bird feeders. If your outdoor accessories are in need of color coordination spend an afternoon with paint and a little imagination to score high marks for curb appeal.

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