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Many types of bacteria and mold thrive in moist areas like your shower head. Keeping your shower head clean, especially if you have hard water, can be very difficult to manage. It is recommended that you replace your shower head every 6 to 8 months.

“Tremendous research shows that showers can be harmful to your health, Scientists at Manchester University studied the slime that builds up inside showers and shower heads. Their research into bathroom scum found bacteria and fungi linked to a range of illnesses from Legionnaires’ and Crohn’s disease to septicaemia and skin, hair, ear and eye complaints. And in some cases, these risky illnesses can kill.”

 Dr. Paul McDermott, a former Health and Safety Executive Inspector and an expert in Legionella risk control, has been monitoring the findings.  He said: “Nobody wants to stand under a shower knowing the water coming out of it is dirty. “But water from an untreated shower could contain more bacteria than you’d find in your toilet.”

“The aerosols created when you’re under the spray can send any bacteria from the water system into your lungs, onto your body and, in certain circumstances, into the bloodstream too.”

If your shower head has hard water staining and you also see a bunch of small black dots all over the shower head, it is black mold. Black mold is extremely tough to get rid of especially from the inside of the shower head.

Hydrogen peroxide is exceptional at killing bacteria, mold and fungus while vinegar is very effective at removing calcium deposits.

Here’s how to clean a shower head. You will need a bowl large enough to fit the entire shower head into it. Fill the bowl about 3/4 of the way with hydrogen peroxide. Remove the shower head and place into the peroxide. Be sure the head it is fully submerged. Allow the shower head to sit in the peroxide for an hour. Remove the shower head from the solution and rinse under warm water and dry it.

Reattach the shower head and run hot water through the shower head for 6 minutes to thoroughly rinse out the inside of the shower head.

If you have a hose attachment it should be cleaned in the same manner as the head, particularily if it is plastic.

Decreased Water Pressure

If you you are experiencing low water pressure due to an inefficient shower head you can maximize water force with innovative design options. First, check the head for a build-up of calcium deposits. Calcium deposit on shower heads create a white crusty residue that can clog the head decreasing water flow. You can clean calcium buildup by soaking the head in vinegar for an hour or two.

Not into cleaning? Improve your showers performance with the NEMO Hand Held Shower Head. A top rated extremely high pressure shower head featuring 4 unique spray settings with 220 spray holes that disperse the water into super fine particles. Pressurized ionic spray releases up to 40,000 negative ions to help you refresh, relax and rejuvenate. Comes with a built-in ceramic water filter to adsorb impurities and harmful heavy metals.

Affordable Style

If your bathroom shower needs a decor boost sourcing a budget friendly option is a shopping spree away. Narrow down your choice by eliminating all shower heads with plastic parts.

Leading the way in solid metal shower heads and accessories is HammerHead Showers Hand Held Shower Head Set. Virtually indestructible, made from durable metals like 304 stainless steel and brass means no more replacing cheap plastic parts that snap and leak. Available in chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Rated #1 for budget friendly and long-lasting quality. Find it for under $55.00.

Tension Relief

Make your shower the best part of your day and experience the hotel spa at home. Get the benefits of a high-pressure massaging shower head to help with relief from tension aches.

Before spending any money on a pulsating shower head check into reviews to be sure it will give you the performance that you require. Here are two crowd pleasing and affordable pulsating shower heads.

Waterpik® Power Pulse Massage ® replacement head delivers an invigorating deeper and more powerful massage. Its’ turbo massage jets deliver a up to 2X the massage force of other shower heads.

Aqua Elegante 6 Function Luxury Shower Head is our choice for high pressure boosting, wall mount, with self-cleaning nozzles to prevent natural calcium build-up. Priced under $30.00.

With a variety of styles and configurations to choose from, there’s a shower head waiting to reinvigorate you.

Soul Quenching

If you yearn for tranquility and relaxation focus on simplicity. Ultra-thin construction and a sleek design the HomePlus 12 inch Large Square Rainfall shower head will transform your bathing experience to simulate a gentle summer rain. This strikingly modern fixture features easy to clean 256 silicone nozzles with high pressure water saving advanced air technology and 304 stainless steel polished chrome finish. A gorgeous addition to any trend-setting bathroom.

One of the top innovations of the decade is Moen’s Magnetix (R) technology featuring a unique magnetic docking system. Super tough magnetic dock replaces the standard shower hook on this dual rain shower combo system.

With a built-in diverter you can switch from using the Hand Held Shower Head, to the Rain Shower Head or run both at the same time. Push the Pause Button to reduce the flow to a trickle on the hand held shower. Enjoy a refreshing all-in-one quality system that is sure to quench your soul.

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