The design industry seemingly works overtime when it comes to rolling out unique products made of innovative materials and finishes for interior decorating. Materials and finishes that distinguished commercial spaces have been reimagined for use in residential homes. A trip to your local building, hardware or paint store is a worthwhile adventure to see for yourself the line up of the latest trends in architectural design elements that serve as inspiration for accent walls.

An accent wall also known as a feature wall is a fantastic option to enliven any room in your home. An accent wall draws attention to a particular wall in a room with either color, texture or other eye-catching detail that differs from the other walls in the room.

When choosing where to put your accent wall, it makes sense to take the natural focal point in a room and amplify it. The most simplest and inexpensive way to create an accent wall is with a distinct paint color. This will be the wall you notice first when you enter a room due to its eye-catching color.

You can reinvent your interiors with the latest trends for wall treatments that goes beyond paint.

Wall murals have gained popularity over the past year and is an excellent semi-permanent choice for creating a statement wall. Self-adhesive, removable wall murals featuring large scale art can help you achieve the look you desire.

Paneling is the popular standout design choice for an accent wall treatment that will add drama and creativity to any room. Far from the outdated wood paneling of the 60’s, todays choices range from modern rustic, reclaimed inspired, barn wood to sleek and contemporary 3-D PVC panels.

Your options for transforming a wall are endless. Showcase your personality and style with an accent wall will that will work best for you and your home.

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