Is your deck calling for a little love and attention? A dingy deck can put a damper on your outdoor social gatherings turning your backyard oasis into an isolated desert. Without proper regular maintenance, it only takes a few seasonal cycles of expanding and shrinking to cause the wood to warp, crack and gray. The good news is that you can bring back the beauty of your deck and share in the delight of backyard gatherings with family and friends. There are a multitude of products designed to restore and protect wood boards. Here’s how to get your deck back to a barefoot friendly backyard escape.

  1. Replace any rotted boards as needed and tighten any loose boards.
  2. Scrape to remove old sealant, stains or paint.
  3. Remove splinters.
  4. Use a deck cleaning product to thoroughly remove dirt, mildew, grease and algae. Repeat if necessary or simply follow the manufacturers instructions.
  5. Pressure-wash and be sure surface is completely dry before beginning to apply any paint or stain.
  6. Paint or stain. Choose a paint or stain color from an endless supply of hues and shades available in the marketplace.
  7. Roll on a good sealant for superior weather-resistance and waterproofing protection. Today, you can find resurfacer products that are all-in-one, cutting your work by half such as Revitalize(R) Light Resurfacer & Sealant in One -or Rustolium(R) RockSolid(R) 20X Deck Resurfacer.

If cleaning and painting balusters isn’t up your alley, consider replacing your worn out railing with a maintenance-free tempered glass system. A product such as Invisirail(R) offers three post options to allow you to obtain the look you desire; traditional posts, wood and Invisipost. This spectacular upgrade adds value and glamour to any outdoor space.

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